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Photos from Michael's recent trip out West. 


Snøhetta’s Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Oslo

Snøhetta’s Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Oslo

Carson just returned from a 2 week summer excursion across Scandinavia full of trains, strawberries, and fikabröd. Click through images below.


Mark and Michael stumbled upon this Cor-Ten folly in the Regents Canal while touring the urban redevelopment of King’s Cross Station. The Regents Canal is part of a larger urban design project by Grimshaw.

William Kentridge Resistance Day on the Tiber River Exhibition

Part Two of Mark's sabbatical travel. 

William Kentridge’s ‘Triumphs and Laments’ Installation and Performance on Rome’s Tiber River, April 2016. Click to enlarge photos below.

Hamburg Resiliency

Part One of Mark’s sabbatical travel to investigate recent flood resiliency construction in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt and Hafencity.


Carson recently returned from a trip to Chicago with the Wentworth Architecture Club. He braved the Windy City's early March cold to take in all of the architectural delights. His favorite building, Marina City, was designed by Bertrand Goldberg, who also designed the tower at Brigham and Women's Hospital

Click to see enlargements of photos. 


A recent snowstorm turned into an incredible sunset. Click to see expanded views.

See more of our spectacular sunset photos taken from the office roof from 2015 and 2014.


A nice little bosque of native hardwoods in the center of Kuala Lumpur. This photo was taken by Michael on his recent trip to Malaysia. 


Bernini was clearly not concerned that his steps sloped (left to right) at the entrance of the world's most famous basilica.

Mark's observation from a recent trip to Rome with his students.


On a recent trip up Dorset, Vermont, Kaki noticed that the sidewalks are paved with Vermont white marble.

Old Man Winter

Mark visited the polder landscape of northwest Germany (Friesland) near the North Sea, which is very similar to the Dutch landscape of farm fields and windmills, all below sea level. On Easter-eve he joined family friends for their annual bonfire that burns away the winter cold and brush cleared from the fields, to usher in spring. This amazing German tradition is widely celebrated, and fires were visible in every direction from our spot on the Pfahldeich (pile-dike, built in the 1600s).

Spring Chickens

It’s spring and Mary’s chickens are in heavy production! Today was the first distribution day at KMDG.

Los Angeles

Mark recently led a trip of architecture students from Wentworth to LA. Above are a couple of images from his trip. Click to see their expanded view and descriptions.


These are a few of the images from Mark's recent trip to Spain. Click on any of them to see their expanded view and description.

Zeacliff Summit

Panorama of the White Mountains from Zeacliff summit.  The windchill was -75 on Mt. Washington (on the left of the photo).  This was taken by Michael on his recent winter excursion.

Pedestrian Patterning

Mosaic paving is used in towns across the Azores on sidewalks and plazas.  The black stones are native to the islands, and islanders exchanged them for the white stones from mainland Portugal.

Haystack Craft

Images from Kaki's summer workshop at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.