A New Garden for The Carle

We are excited to announce our partnership with Meyer + Silberberg Land Architects to create a new garden for The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, Massachusetts. “Bobbie’s Garden” will be a garden in memory of museum co-founder Barbara Carle.

"Mrs. Carle loved gardens and was a lifelong environmentalist. She was an educator and she was passionate about The Carle as a place for community members to enjoy art, gather, talk, read and play." 

We look forward to creating a space that not only celebrates Mrs. Carle, but also supports her lifelong passions. 

Read more from The Carle's Press Release.


Image: Seth Kaye Photography, courtesy of The Carle

The DIRT on Kendall Square Main Street


Check out the latest news on our Kendall Square Main Street project by ASLA's The Dirt. Here's
a brief excerpt on the article: 

As Kendall Square has experienced rapid growth over the past few decades, it also had to better “perform as an inter-modal transportation hub,” said Kaki Martin, ASLA, a principal with Klopfer Martin. The high-tech firms and university alike wanted easier inter-connections among the subway station and sidewalks, bike lanes and bikeshare system, and corporate shuttles and buses.

More information on Kendall Square Main Street

AIAS Forum 2016 Boston is Here

After 2 years of planning and coordination, AIAS Forum 2016 Boston is here and will be running Thursday, December 29 through Sunday, January 1. Our very own Dan Cournoyer has been instrumental, as site director, working with a committee of seven other AIAS members (Jared Guilmett, Merna Haddad, Samantha Veldhuis, Patrick Myers, Andrea Welsh, Julia Edgerton and Tyler Nguyen) to plan this year’s Forum. The event is co-hosted by Wentworth Institute of Technology and MASSART. Congratulations to all for the work to bring this event to Boston!

Get more AIAS Forum details HERE

A Garden View for BWH’s New Cafe

We are excited to see Brigham and Women’s Garden Café open and thriving after a 14 month renovation. An integral project in our landscape master planning effort at the Hospital, we collaborated with Bruner/Cott Architects to redesign the Café with a focus on patients’ experience of the outdoors.


The original cafe, which was part of a Bertrand Goldberg building designed in the 1970’s, had low ceilings and small windows that allowed in minimal natural light. The design solution called for removing large portions of the exterior walls, from floor to ceiling, allowing for light to reach deep into the interior and providing full, unrestricted views to the outdoors. Two planted terraces are cantilevered off of the building at the second floor level, giving café patrons a close view of a rich and diverse plant palette.

After being closed off to the outdoors for so long the space now allows natural light to flood indoors providing a more relaxed and comfortable environment. 

Precast Award for Excellence

Fisher Hill Reservoir Park picked up its second award! The Architectural Precast Association selected the precast water feature at Fisher Hill for their Awards for Excellence

Precast water feature being set and positioned on the original Fisher Hill Reservoir berm

Precast water feature being set and positioned on the original Fisher Hill Reservoir berm

The project demonstrates thoughtfulness in both design and context, as well as in execution of craft.
— APA Jury

The idea behind the inclusion of a water feature at the park is to reinforce the fact and connection that this park was once a functioning reservoir. One of the driving forces of the design was to create a water feature that could stand alone as a sculptural element when there is no running water. The design features four different precast finishes set on different planes. The idea behind the different finishes and planes is to observe how water responds to the piece, creating ripples and catching light in distinct ways. The water feature sits to one side of the main promenade with a gentle slope into the moving water flow which allows kids to easily engage with the piece.

Two Projects, Two Wins

We are excited to announce two of our projects were among the winners at this year’s American Institute of Architects (AIA) New England Design Awards! Our recognized projects were Suffolk University’s Roemer Plaza and Fisher Hill Reservoir Park.  

Roemer Plaza – AIA NE Citation Award for Institutional work

Roemer Plaza – AIA NE Citation Award for Institutional work

Roemer Plaza at Suffolk Universty’s Beacon Hill campus was an underutilized, disconnected space situated above a parking garage and divided into two parts by a 14’ grade change. The plaza was transformed to a continuous public open space with a forecourt for nearby state office buildings and an exterior classroom for the university.

Fisher Hill Reservoir Park – AIA NE Merit Award for Historic Preservation + Adaptive Reuse* 

Fisher Hill Reservoir Park – AIA NE Merit Award for Historic Preservation + Adaptive Reuse* 

Fisher Hill Reservoir Park was a KMDG design that preserved the important historic reference points on Fisher Hill by keeping the reservoir’s earth structure and historic gatehouse. Our partners Touloukian Touloukian won for Historic Preservation + Adaptive Reuse for the work to preserve the gatehouse at Fisher Hill Reservoir Park. Congratulations Ted Touloukian and team!

Click Roemer Plaza and Fisher Hill Reservoir Park for more information on our projects.  

*Touloukian Touloukian's work at Fisher Hill Reservoir Park won for Historic Preservation + Adaptive Reuse

Town of WINCHESTER Civic Hub

In June and July we enjoyed thinking about a new vision for the Town of Winchester's center, as part of a multi-firm study to reinvent Shore Road. Our proposal expands and activates the existing rotary to include a public plaza with a canopy under the MBTA commuter rail tracks to create a new pedestrian hub serving daily and seasonal activities. Click photos above to enlarge, and view a PDF of the presentation HERE

Lawrence Alleyway Ribbon Cutting

This is a space a lot of people thought would never change... It can be a catalyst to help change all the things that are wrong in the city of Lawrence.
— Mayor Daniel Rivera

We are pleased to announce the City of Lawrence unveiled Lawrence Alleyway, a connector between the Northern Essex Community College campus and downtown, located between Amesbury and Hampshire streets. The design, which was inspired from Utile's Downtown West Study for the City of Lawrence, seeks primarily to improve pedestrian connectivity into and around Northern Essex Community College’s El-Hefni Allied Health and Technology Center, while also enhancing storm water drainage and parking. The seating, lighting, and strong graphic language of the ground plane and wall murals (by Elevated Thought), re-claim the alley as a safe and primary connector between the College and Essex Street.

Read the Mayor's Ribbon Cutting Advisory HERE and check out the article in the Eagle-Tribune HERE. Click to enlarge images below. 


Sometimes more really is better – especially when it comes to office space! We’re doubling our office space by adding the 2nd floor to our current square footage on the 5th floor.  More space to work, to host our clients and collaborators, and more climbing of stairs for us too.  Stay tuned as we move in and make it our own.

The Outdoor PLAYbook features Boston Schoolyard Initiative

Check out the press release for the Outdoor PLAYbook website launch, which features the Boston Schoolyard Initiative as an inspirational project! The website features inspirational projects and creates a guidebook for best practices for designing school grounds to encourage play areas and learning environments.The collaborative team of researchers and students came together with the following goal: 

To inspire the creation of dynamic outdoor public spaces that promote health and educational experiences, particularly for children and youth, and improve the social and ecological well being of communities
— The Outdoor PLAYbook team

The Boston Schoolyard Initiative project page exemplifies the "gray to green" category of transforming parking lots and underutilized open spaces into thriving and educational play areas.  More information about the Boston Schoolyard Initiative can be found HERE

Central Square Construction

Construction on Bertulli Park in Central Square, East Boston is underway!  With the foundation poured and the formwork for the backup wall going up, the form of the elliptical granite wall has begun to emerge. Click to enlarge photos below.

More information and design drawings about Central Square can be found HERE


"Living and Learning" - UVA Alumni Exhibition

We're thrilled to announce our design for Suffolk University's Roemer Plaza is featured as part of UVA's School of Architecture Alumni Exhibit, "Living-Learning Environments. Twenty first century speculations on the academic village."

In the 1960s and 1970s, American college campuses—like American suburbs—grew quickly, through dispersed spatial patterns and in the form of single-function zones. Today, students, faculty, staff and alumni want their campuses to provide community as well as a place to educate and be educated. Campus buildings and landscapes should be attractors, spatial invitations to linger, to dream, to gather, to converse, to discuss and debate. They should afford urbanity—the effects of mixed uses, walkable campuses, places that inspire individual and collective discovery, compelling public spaces, ecologically-performative campus landscapes—regardless of the university’s location in a city, a suburb or small town. This exhibition highlights the diverse ways 51 UVA School of Architecture alumni are contributing to and changing the conversation about the programming, planning and design of living-learning environments in higher education. Reimagining and reinterpreting the concepts of our Academical Village for a twenty-first century university.
— Beth Meyer, Dean, University of Virginia, School of Architecture

The exhibit will be displayed from May 13th - August 19th in Campbell Hall, Charlottesville, VA. More information on the exhibit can be found HERE



Spring planting is happening at Fisher Hill Reservoir Park in Brookline! Plugs of a wide mix of perennial grasses and flowering plants are being planted in the wet meadow and the bioswale which edges the parking lot. And, we’re seeing the results of fall planting : a walk around the woodland path reveals early blooming Amelanchier (shad bush) drifting along the back side of the embankment. Furnishings are also being installed on the Promenade.

More information about the project can be found HERE.


Read Kaki’s letter in the Spring 2016 issue of ArchitectureBoston written in response to two articles in the “Well” issue (Winter 2015) HERE (and excerpted below).

"Our firm is fortunate enough to be supporting Brigham and Women's Hospital, under the leadership of its president, Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, in achieving these goals of connecting the inside back to the outside — harkening back to a time when the direct connection to Olmsted's Riverway supported the healing processes at the hospital. We're creating landscape spaces in every nook, cranny, and rooftop we can find. All of these landscape inser­tions strengthen the hospital's connection to nature and its supportive healing capacities but also integrate into the city's forest network. Let us once again think of our urban forest as a critical part of our urban spatial network as well as our city's healthcare network. A beautiful Boston will also be a healthier Boston."

More information on the Brigham and Women's Hospital Masterplan and 45 Francis Street Entry
View a full list of our publications HERE


Kaki joined colleagues John Schmid from Nitsch Engineering and Shaun O’Rourke from The Trust for Public Land for a great afternoon with students from Professor Paul Kirshen’s (School for the Environment, UMass Boston) and Ben Peterson’s BAC architecture studio to talk about Resilient Infrastructure through our various lenses. Great collaboration and great questions + discussion made for an engaging afternoon for all!

Roemer Plaza Completion

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the Roemer Plaza at 20 Somerset. Check out nbbj's article about Suffolk University's new academic building at 20 Somerset, which features the Roemer Plaza. 

More information about the Roemer Plaza can be found here

The Steel Yard: ASLA Featured Case Study

Check out ASLA's website, which features the Steel Yard as a sustainable landscape case study and download a factsheet PDF here

"Olneyville, one of Providence’s oldest and poorest neighborhoods, has many abandoned industrial buildings. When Olneyville’s Providence Steel and Iron went out of business in 2001, the property was purchased by a new non-profit called The Steel Yard. The new owners believed that rather than demolishing the existing structures, the property could be repurposed as a community space for local artists."

More information on the Steel Yard

I’m a crow by nature - Ken Smith

Photo: George Bouret

Photo: George Bouret

Mark was asked by Architecture Boston to write about Ken Smith's temporary installation at the Gardener Museum this summer. His piece was featured in the fall issue of AB. Below is a snippet of text, to read the whole article, click here.

Since 1053 the Amida Buddha serenely looks out over a segment of the Uji River in Japan. Fifty-two bodhisattvas accompany the Buddha, floating at varying heights around the enclosure of the Byodoin Temple. Ken Smith, the landscape architect who created Fenway Deity, cites this icon of Japanese architecture and its sacred inhabitants as the inspiration for his summer installation on the façade of the Gardner Museum.

Kaki Speaks at ABX

ABX 2015 – A great group of architects and allied professionals attended ‘Investing in the Visitor Experience – Increasing the Value of Public Space for Patients, Family and Staff,’ a talk given by Kaki and David Hanitchak of NBBJ about our collective team efforts (with Cloud Gehshan Associates, Bruner Cott, and CAMA, Inc.) at The Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  Go team BWH!