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Fisher Hill Reservoir Park

Brookline, MA | 2014

Built by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority in 1893, the reservoir and its gatehouse, a National Register Historic Landmark, served as part of the water system of Brookline until 1970 when maintenance was curtailed, creating wetland in the basin of the former reservoir. The site was deeded to the town in the early 2000's to be a park with active and passive recreation.

The town’s conceptual master plan by other consultants proposed erasing the reservoir’s structure, replacing it with meandering paths and a field. KMDG promoted keeping the earth structure as an important historic reference on Fisher Hill, one that created unique possibilities for the park. Through an extensive series of public meetings, the park design emerged as open in the basin for soccer with spectator seating on the sloped landform, surrounded by various landscapes: a reconstructed woodland, meadow, and wet meadow. A series of terraces and ramps retain the historic relationship of the reservoir to Fisher Avenue, but will allow greater access with places to sit and changing views for people walking through the park. Rehabilitation of the gatehouse preserves the landmark, and a new comfort station is constructed to serve the park.

Town of Brookline
Park & Open Space Division

Design Team
Touloukian Touloukian, architects
Howard/Stein-Hudson, transportation & civil engineers
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, structural engineer
Roll Barresi & Associates, interpretive signage
GEI, geotechnical engineer

Project Budget
$6.2 Million

In Construction