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Kaki Speaks At Engage: Boston Designs for Good

On Wednesday, Kaki spoke at the BSA in their Pecha Kucha presentation highlighting recent public interest design projects from some of Boston's best designers.

Design like you give a damn,” urge Cameron Sinclair and Kate Stohr.

Oh baby, we do! Ever since McKim, Mead, and White emblazoned “Free to all” above the entrance to the nation’s first urban public library, Boston architecture and its architects have embraced design for the greater good. Join today’s top designers for a lively slide show and survey of Boston’s best recent humanitarian design projects, along with innovative approaches to engaging the audiences we serve.

We have a TERRIFIC lineup, representing architecture/landscape/urban design firms large and small, some who make these issues the core of their practice, others for whom it’s a special side interest; some have embraced these ideas for decades; others are students and recent grads. I’m delighted that our lineup also includes a few non-profits and non-traditional practices.

Our lineup includes (in alphabetical order):

Architecture for Humanity Boston
Artforming + Wentworth Institute of Technology – Center for Community + Learning Partnerships
Boston Architectural College – Gateway projects
CBA Landscape Architects
Klopfer Martin Design Group
MassArt – Community Build Studio
Rudy Bruner Design Award + Bruner Foundation
Salem Public Space Project
Sasaki Associates
Studio G Architects
Studio Luz Architects
Sustainability Guild International
Yayasan Kota Kita + Harvard GSD

…with a few more possibilities, still to be confirmed.

What links everyone here is that they’re actively working to expand the reach of good design to all communities, and to involve broad, diverse, new audiences in the design of our cities. WHAT they’re doing and/or HOW they’re doing it is what we’ll learn about next Wednesday night.

Organized by the Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC) — www.cdrcboston.org

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