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R-Line Wins Paul Davidoff Award

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Paul Davidoff Award

Transportation Corridors to Livable Communities Study

City of Providence and Rhode Island Public Transit Authority

This four-year Transportation Corridors to Livable Communities Study  focused on enhancing transit, land use, and art and cultural opportunities along the highest ridership bus routes in Providence. The neighborhoods located along the project corridors are home to residents most in need of improved transit service, reduced transportation and housing costs, and improved access to arts and cultural amenities. 

Although the study areas make up only a small land area, they are located along key corridors that contain nearly 50% of city residents over the age of 65 and over 60% of residents who live below the poverty level. Once fully implemented, the recommendations from this study will better connect residents to jobs and create investment and community pride in areas that are most in need. 

Many of the ideas that emerged from the study are already being implemented in order to build upon the place-making role of transit to revitalize Providence and highlight its unique neighborhoods. The transit improvements recommended by the study have been implemented along the first two of the five project corridors; many of the land use recommendations are being implemented through the new Providence zoning ordinance and zoning map recently adopted by the City Council; and several Pop-Up Providence events and installations were centered on important nodes along the transit corridors.