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Read Kaki’s letter in the Spring 2016 issue of ArchitectureBoston written in response to two articles in the “Well” issue (Winter 2015) HERE (and excerpted below).

"Our firm is fortunate enough to be supporting Brigham and Women's Hospital, under the leadership of its president, Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, in achieving these goals of connecting the inside back to the outside — harkening back to a time when the direct connection to Olmsted's Riverway supported the healing processes at the hospital. We're creating landscape spaces in every nook, cranny, and rooftop we can find. All of these landscape inser­tions strengthen the hospital's connection to nature and its supportive healing capacities but also integrate into the city's forest network. Let us once again think of our urban forest as a critical part of our urban spatial network as well as our city's healthcare network. A beautiful Boston will also be a healthier Boston."

More information on the Brigham and Women's Hospital Masterplan and 45 Francis Street Entry
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