A Garden View for BWH’s New Cafe

We are excited to see Brigham and Women’s Garden Café open and thriving after a 14 month renovation. An integral project in our landscape master planning effort at the Hospital, we collaborated with Bruner/Cott Architects to redesign the Café with a focus on patients’ experience of the outdoors.


The original cafe, which was part of a Bertrand Goldberg building designed in the 1970’s, had low ceilings and small windows that allowed in minimal natural light. The design solution called for removing large portions of the exterior walls, from floor to ceiling, allowing for light to reach deep into the interior and providing full, unrestricted views to the outdoors. Two planted terraces are cantilevered off of the building at the second floor level, giving café patrons a close view of a rich and diverse plant palette.

After being closed off to the outdoors for so long the space now allows natural light to flood indoors providing a more relaxed and comfortable environment. 

Brigham and Women's Hospital- Construction

Construction is abuzz around the BWH campus . Our project, continuing the master planning effort at the 45 Francis entry is well underway, and nearing completion! Click the images below to expand them and see more info.

More information about the master planning process at the hospital here:
Brigham and Women's Master Plan

More information about the 45 Francis Street Entry can be found HERE.


It has been a busy summer of building. Below are some photos from a few of the projects in various phases of construction. Click to expand the images and for additional info.