Kennedy Plaza Wins BSLA Design Award

We are excited to announce that our work with the city of Providence and Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority (RIPTA) for Kennedy Plaza received a Merit Award for Design by the Boston Society of Landscape Architects. 

Kennedy Plaza is once again a space for pedestrians. By removing the interior bus lanes and pushing the bus berths to the periphery the pedestrian space was doubled making it a true “plaza” in scale and character. The design deploys long groves of trees and a contemporary paving palette to reinforce the Plaza as a place of prominent scale functioning as a venue for events and festivals during non-peak ridership and comfortably for individuals catching the bus.

Thank you to the BSLA for recognizing the quality design solutions that can be executed with a limited budget and all who made this project possible. 

Kennedy Plaza Reopens

Construction at Kennedy Plaza is complete, and reopened last week. Above are a few photos during construction. The existing bus berths were filled in to make a more cohesive and accessible plaza. Given the budgetary constraints of the project, we explored different ways to delineate space using concrete by treating it in different ways, ie standard pour, broom finished with alternating broom directions, exposed aggregate and saw cut concrete.

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