Two KMDG Projects Awarded by BSLA

We are excited to announce that the Boston Society of Landscape Architects has honored KMDG with two design awards. Both Fisher Hill Reservoir Park and Suffolk University’s Roemer Plaza have won Merit Awards for Design.


Fisher Hill Reservoir Park
The project captured an important opportunity to transform an abandoned piece of public infrastructure into a public park for passive and active recreation. The distinctive landforms and architecture of this former Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) facility were retained and integrated into a park serving new functions.


"love that the topography was kept as a repurposed landscape remnant." -bsla jury

Elements such as a wall and topographic marker indicating the high-water mark, allow visitors to experience ‘plunging’ into the former watersheet of the full reservoir.  Granite pavers with a carved map of the state-wide water supply system, of which the reservoir was a part, help contextualize this place in the state and neighborhood, and illustrate how our water resources are still delivered. The fully accessible path network allows universal access to the various artful play elements, prospect points, and diverse, native, woodland and meadow plantings that give the park scale, seasonal interest, and ensure a rich botanical future.

See more of the project here.

Roemer Plaza at Suffolk University
The redesigned Roemer Plaza transformed an underutilized 1960s era open space into a multi-functional, university plaza, that provides flexible circulation and much needed campus gathering spaces within a tight urban fabric. When Suffolk University purchased Massachusetts’s Metropolitan District Commission’s (MDC) property on Boston’s historic Beacon Hill, their proposed new building presented the design team an opportunity to re-envision the adjacent run-down plaza.


"the human scale of the space and careful three dimensional study of the stair and terracing are well done, adding a lot of value to this space." -bsla jury

Identifying the need for a campus identity and connectivity through this space, the design approach addressed the topographical and structural constraints of the site. With the plaza sited above an existing structure, the design features an amphitheater of stairs and seating that reconnects the existing upper and lower plaza levels to facilitate stronger circulation and provide a seating/stage relationship that allows Suffolk University to hold outdoor campus events. Pockets for plantings were carefully coordinated to work with the existing structural loads. Our commemoration strategy focused on the great places that are a result of the MDC. Eighty MDC place names are raised from a black granite plinth centered in the plaza. In addition to the plinth, panels standing 12’ tall and 175’ long, exhibit historic maps, plans and photographs highlighting important MDC projects around the greater Boston area.

See more of the project here.

Two Projects, Two Wins

We are excited to announce two of our projects were among the winners at this year’s American Institute of Architects (AIA) New England Design Awards! Our recognized projects were Suffolk University’s Roemer Plaza and Fisher Hill Reservoir Park.  

Roemer Plaza – AIA NE Citation Award for Institutional work

Roemer Plaza – AIA NE Citation Award for Institutional work

Roemer Plaza at Suffolk Universty’s Beacon Hill campus was an underutilized, disconnected space situated above a parking garage and divided into two parts by a 14’ grade change. The plaza was transformed to a continuous public open space with a forecourt for nearby state office buildings and an exterior classroom for the university.

Fisher Hill Reservoir Park – AIA NE Merit Award for Historic Preservation + Adaptive Reuse*

Fisher Hill Reservoir Park – AIA NE Merit Award for Historic Preservation + Adaptive Reuse*

Fisher Hill Reservoir Park was a KMDG design that preserved the important historic reference points on Fisher Hill by keeping the reservoir’s earth structure and historic gatehouse. Our partners Touloukian Touloukian won for Historic Preservation + Adaptive Reuse for the work to preserve the gatehouse at Fisher Hill Reservoir Park. Congratulations Ted Touloukian and team!

Click Roemer Plaza and Fisher Hill Reservoir Park for more information on our projects.  

*Touloukian Touloukian's work at Fisher Hill Reservoir Park won for Historic Preservation + Adaptive Reuse

"Living and Learning" - UVA Alumni Exhibition

We're thrilled to announce our design for Suffolk University's Roemer Plaza is featured as part of UVA's School of Architecture Alumni Exhibit, "Living-Learning Environments. Twenty first century speculations on the academic village."

In the 1960s and 1970s, American college campuses—like American suburbs—grew quickly, through dispersed spatial patterns and in the form of single-function zones. Today, students, faculty, staff and alumni want their campuses to provide community as well as a place to educate and be educated. Campus buildings and landscapes should be attractors, spatial invitations to linger, to dream, to gather, to converse, to discuss and debate. They should afford urbanity—the effects of mixed uses, walkable campuses, places that inspire individual and collective discovery, compelling public spaces, ecologically-performative campus landscapes—regardless of the university’s location in a city, a suburb or small town. This exhibition highlights the diverse ways 51 UVA School of Architecture alumni are contributing to and changing the conversation about the programming, planning and design of living-learning environments in higher education. Reimagining and reinterpreting the concepts of our Academical Village for a twenty-first century university.
— Beth Meyer, Dean, University of Virginia, School of Architecture

The exhibit will be displayed from May 13th - August 19th in Campbell Hall, Charlottesville, VA. More information on the exhibit can be found HERE


Roemer Plaza Completion

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the Roemer Plaza at 20 Somerset. Check out nbbj's article about Suffolk University's new academic building at 20 Somerset, which features the Roemer Plaza. 

More information about the Roemer Plaza can be found here


There has been a lot of progress at Fisher Hill this summer.  Planting is in full force, and the site work including grading and concrete is coming along nicely.

At Roemer Plaza, planting has been completed, concrete work is nearing completion and paving is well under-way.

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It has been a busy summer of building. Below are some photos from a few of the projects in various phases of construction. Click to expand the images and for additional info.