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Lawrence Connector

Lawrence Connector


Lawrence, MA

Lawrence Connector reclaims a neglected, under-utilized alley behind a main street as the primary pedestrian corridor between the Northern Essex Community College campus and downtown Lawrence, MA.  The design improves pedestrian safety and connectivity into and around the various buildings of the community college and its neighborhood, while also enhancing stormwater drainage and the parking efficiency of an adjacent municipal lot. Working with a modest budget, KMDG proposed using standard thermoplastic paving in a unique way, reconfiguring standard crosswalk templates into interesting and dynamic patterns. 

KMDG worked with the Civil Engineer to carve out spaces for tree planting, green stormwater infrastructure, and pedestrian amenities. KMDG also pushed the creative use of prosaic materials, selecting multi-purpose seating and lighting elements, advocating for large wall murals, and developing a strong graphic language of the asphalt ground plane to mark the alley as a distinctive, vibrant place central to both college and neighborhood.

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Lawrence, MA

City of Lawrence, MA


Tec, civil
KMDG, landscape architect

Jared Steinmark

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